• Timber is the most versatile recyclable building material.
  • Timber is the world’s most environmentally friendly building product. It is natural, reusable, recyclable and sustainable.
  • Timber has a high thermal efficiency rate, making it a highly efficient and environmentally friendly product
  • As timber grows it extracts carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  • Light but strong, timber is available in a wide range of species sizes and finishes, is an excellent insulator and uses less energy in its production than any other building material. It can be finished in a number of different ways, adding both warmth and character to a whole variety of environments.

A timber suspended floor with a timber sub-floor enclosure has 40% less embodied energy than a concrete slab on ground.

  • A weather board, timber frame has 79% less embodied energy than double brick veneer.
  • Timber windows with 3mm glass has 45% less embodied energy than aluminium windows with 3mm glass.

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Sustainability of Timber as a Building Material

Removing carbon from the atmosphere, rather than simply reducing our additions to the atmosphere, is the ultimate way of addressing climate change. Growing trees is the obvious answer to this, which is why timber is considered carbon positive as the carbon is stored in the wood. The Building Code focuses on operational energy of buildings but as they become more energy efficient, the embodied or life-cyle energy of materials used in construction takes on more meaning. For example, using solid timber (logs) instead of conventional building materials can result in an 88 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The difference between constructing a residential home in solid timber instead of brick and steel frame is the equivalent of running a car for 17 years, or heating and lighting your home for 25 years.

Timber is not just a renewable resource – young actively growing trees remove carbon from the atmosphere and timber in long lived constructions stores the carbon removed from the atmosphere. By using more wood (storing carbon) and growing more trees (removing carbon from the atmosphere) the construction industry can make a significant impact on carbon emissions.

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