Members of the public can contact the 1800 Timber Service Centre for Quotes for Carpentry, (Floor Installation Cabinetry or other), general information on Timber, enquire about Timber workshops, be connected to timber products,Timber Framed Builders, Training Organizations and more – that’s a free call on 1800 846 237

You can receive these quotes in the luxury of your home where 3 Tradesmen will call you with their quote and you can compare and save.

If you are looking at building a framed home in the metro area or country, or looking to buy paint, decking or any other building materials , call us today to be connected to your local provider.

If you would like to register your interest for our upcoming Timber Workshops for Kids during schoool holidays, or Timber Workshops for the building and timber industry, teen workshops, adults (including ladies) email us today

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