Medium density fibreboard (MDF) is manufactured at the Wesfi Pty Ltd plant in Kewdale. Maritime pine from the plantations north of Perth provide the raw material, with the process breaking the pine down to individual fibres that have resin added and are compressed in hot presses. MDF has taken over from particleboard as the major product for use in furniture, joinery and mouldings.


Hardboard is made from eucalypt fibre, with the raw material generally from forest thinnings or sawmill off-cuts. Chips are heated with steam and ground up, or heated under pressure. The fibres are suspended in water and fed onto an endless mesh belt where the water is removed by suction. The ribbon of board is cut to length and stacked in a multi-opening hot press. The product (e.g. Masonite) is not manufactured in Western Australia.

Low density fibreboard

Low density fibreboard may be referred to as softboard or insulating board. It is made from softwood fibres that are felted together without consolidation by heat or pressure. Products include Caneite sheets or acoustic tiles, which are used for ceiling or wall lining to give thermal and acoustic insulation.

Source : Forest Products Commission WA